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You Need A Health Bar! You Need A Health Bar!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good idea.

It's a great concept and you've got the makings for some great jokes, but it just needs a bit more work. Spend a bit more time smoothing out the video, work on the voices. Mega man was particularly annoying. Change the music. Maybe even vary it up a bit, but the 8 bit music throughout really doesn't work.

I think this shows real potential, so keep at it.

HALO-Combat Erected! V1.1 HALO-Combat Erected! V1.1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well for an early flash...

You did an alright job. But yeah, it does suck and I can see why you hate it. The jokes are mostly lame and unimaginitive and have little to do with actual gameplay. You definitely figured out your shit with the Left 4 Speed flashes though.

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HILT: issue #1 HILT: issue #1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I nice little comic. Once again though I have to say, someone should proofread your work lol

Confuzed = Confused
Portest = Protest
Desicrating = Desecrating

And those are all on one page. Everything else is beautiful, don't listen if anyone says otherwise, just double check your spelling lol It's terrible to see something good blemished by something so trivial.

Emptygoddess responds:

Hey, an S turning into a Z is always a time for celebration. It has evolved into its cooler form.

The Legend of Link Part 4 The Legend of Link Part 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Don't Fear The Reaper

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was very smooth animation and it didn't have any of the crude and uninspired humour that most submissions seem to have. My only note would be to have someone spell check your work lol The voice acting was well done, maybe a few choppy bits but hardly noticeable at all.

Now I do know Link is the keeper of the Triforce of Courage originally. I'm uncertain if that was explored in Link to the Past which may be why it was left out, or is it simply not know by the characters in your story? I was just wondering about this. And now I've possibly created a difficult problem: If you had plans for a slow reveal, you can't say anything about it, but if you don't, people will know. So here's an out: Do not say anything about it. You can PM me if you like lol

Also I'd like to say that if you ever need a voice actor I'd like to offer my talents lol The one video i have posted isn't my voice FYI. I submitted that for a friend and have never been able to finish an animation =S Unfortunately I lack the attention span and commitment to finish animating something on my own, Voice acting however is something I can do. So if you need a Male to do those Male characters voices (yes i am refering to the one guard voiced by a girl(Which is totally cool since it worked and everything)) feel free to ask.

And the final Scores are:

Animation: 10/10
Humour: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Style: 10/10
Concept: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Emptygoddess responds:

Your scores are very nice and i think far to high.

Terminator: Madness Terminator: Madness

Rated 0 / 5 stars

How is this a parody?

Apart from mocking the 'You think you're human" scene this really didn't apply to the movie at all. You could mock the helicopter crash or the fact that he even trusts markus, or that anyone listens to radio program by a man that says robots from the future tried to kill him, but instead it's horrible attempts at humour that have absolutely no relevance to the movie. A parody is meant to poke fun at actual events within something, not just make shit up that has absolutely no point.

Watchmen trailer Watchmen trailer

Rated 2 / 5 stars

An unfortunate flop.

While the animation is better than many of the submissions on newgrounds, the jokes have little to no relevance to the movie. Almost all of the humour within this flash could be applied to any other film with little variation.

Speaking of the humour, it's not very effective. Using Leonidus is a much overdone cop out and the insertion of Spongebob characters was completely Unnecessary. The Comedian's decent out the window... I understand it's slow motion, but things should only be mocked if it was overdone, which I'm sure most people will agree that was a masterfully done scene.

You have potential. The animation itself shows promise, but it could be so much better if you applied more relevant jokes. As it stands, I have to agree with 'dbz4eva' in that it doesn't seem like you've seen the film. There is so much more material to work with. Keep at it.

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Guns of the Awesome Guns of the Awesome

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A Good Effort

I'm going to start off by saying I hate people who judge this harshly just because it's labeled 'Awesome'. It's an homage. Since Egoraptor did the style well first you might as well label similar work after his. Now a review.

I have not played this game but I still found humour in this video. It contained all the Elements of an 'Awesome' video. The voice acting wasn't as amazing as Egoraptor's but that's to be expected.

The graphics were very well done and you even incorporated a snazzy preloader of Snake smoking. It seems to summarize the plot quite well, though obviously I can't be sure.

Unoriginality isn't always a necessity. You took a concept and copied it, but you still managed to give it a bit of your own style. There's nothing wrong with that.

In closing, people who judge this poorly solely on the basis of it being 'Ripped' off from Egoraptor's Awesome series need to consider the following:

- The French ripped off Italy's Commedia De L'arte to create plays like Tartuffe.
- The LOIN KING was based off of Hamlet by William Shakespeare
- SHAKESPEARE ripped off alot of his plays from Greek and Roman plays.

It's nearly impossible to be completely original these days. You can almost be guarenteed that someone has done it before you. All you can do is do it well, and give credit where it is due. On that note, I say good job. It was enjoyable and a great piece of work.

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secondstamp responds:

An exellent review, many thanks.

Ultimate Ace Attorney FF Ultimate Ace Attorney FF

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I went into this thinking, Pheonix Wrong rip off. But it most certainly is not. The last guy's a total music n00b. Mindless Self Indulgence are Gods of Music. Not only that song but you had Daft Punk and The Gorillaz too. Just some excellent choices. Kudos man, Kudos.

That Halo Thing: ep4 That Halo Thing: ep4

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh... Ohhh.... How?

How did you manage to turn a good concept into that? I mean, Imagine Master Chief in turn based battle? But no, you intead make very lame attempts at jokes that take like 4 lines to set up... And better graphics than that REALLY aren't that hard to find... Especially from FF6. Next time you may not want to loop an annoying flight noise either... like 20 seconds of pure agony.

Mechabloby responds:

It was actually hard to find the good sprites. When I made this, actually I didn't know many sprite sites but now I know loads, you can expect better than this from now on.
Thanks for your review. :3

A&K Battle Rocks A&K Battle Rocks

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don't know what that last guy was on about. Very comical style of art and the music was perfect too. I'm sure you're quite busy and we're lucky to get something at all. I'd love to see more of Kerrigan and Ark.